Terms and Conditions

The adhesion to the 5E Digital Showcase is mandatory and binding for participation in the 5E Contest 2021. Therefore if your product is not yet registered on the platform this step will be done automatically after your submission for the 5E Contest at the following webpage: https://5e-project.eu/showcase.     

Only fully completed Application Forms can be taken into consideration.

Only forms completed in English can be taken into consideration.

The applicant is responsible for the authorship, the intellectual and industrial property rights of the submitted application.

The winners of the 5E Contest will be selected by the technical committee after technical evaluation. This result will be considered unquestionable.

By validating the form, you are giving your consent for the publication of the information entered in order to promote your product through 5E project channels.

By validating the form, you are giving your consent to re-use the uploaded pictures for promotional purposes of your product in digital/printed form.

By validating the form, you are giving your consent that your contact data are included in the 5E Stakeholder Database and can be used to let you know about the further initiatives and results from the 5E project.

The Data Controller of this online form is Centro Servizi Industrie S.r.l. – MESAP Innovation Cluster, with registered office in Via Fanti, 17 – 10128 Turin, as “Beneficiary” of the European Project 5E (Grant Agreement n. 825113). For more details on internal project data processing, please refer to the following Privacy Policy: https://5e-project.eu/privacy-policy/